In recent years, the entertainment landscape in India has witnessed a remarkable transformation. While metropolitan cities have long been the hub of entertainment, Tier I and II cities have often lagged behind in terms of access and choices. However, the advent of Jadooz, a pioneering entertainment company founded by Rahul Nehra, has bridged this gap and revolutionised the way people in smaller cities consume entertainment. 

Jadooz is in various stages of completion of 70 screens and 30 VR Cafes, spread over 30 cities and, growing. The specially designed Entertainment zones built with Jadooz Secure Content Distribution system, IOT, Image recognition, 4K, HDVR, are sure to delight and deliver safe family entertainment.

Enhancing Accessibility and Choice:

One of the major challenges faced by residents of Tier I and II cities was limited access to a diverse range of entertainment options. Jadooz recognized this gap and stepped in to fill it by establishing state-of-the-art multiplexes and entertainment centres in these cities. By bringing world-class cinemas, live events, and cultural experiences closer to people’s doorstep.

The esteemed founders and investment partners list includes :

Padmshree Shobana ji, Actors Ravi Kishan & Rannvijay, Rajat Ojha, Artha Capital and Lamhas Satellite Networks. Jadooz is geared up to introduce every Indian to the new age entertainment with plans of setting up close to 1250 zones consisting of mini theatres & virtual reality screens Across 21 states of the country. Additionally, Jadooz has partnered with leading production houses to ensure that these cities receive a steady flow of quality movies and content, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of the local population.

Creating Community Spaces 

Jadooz understands that entertainment is not just about watching movies or attending events, it is about building communities and fostering a sense of belonging. With this vision in mind, Jadooz has designed its multiplexes and entertainment centres as more than just venues for entertainment. These spaces serve as gathering points for people to come together, socialise, and engage in shared experiences.

By providing such community spaces, Jadooz has successfully transformed the entertainment landscape in Tier I and II cities, enhancing the overall quality of entertainment for residents.The Jadooz team is working hard to create a safe environment for you. Look out for Jadooz’s “FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW”, VR world and games and 

Jadooz -Entertainment ka adda” has emerged as a game-changer in the entertainment industry, revolutionising the way Tier I and II cities consume and experience entertainment. With its commitment to accessibility, local talent promotion, and community engagement, 

Jadooz has successfully bridged the entertainment gap in smaller cities, providing residents with a rich and diverse entertainment ecosystem. The rise of Jadooz marks a new era in entertainment, where no city is left behind when it comes to entertainment experiences.