We all are living in the times, where we do not have leisure to enjoy every weekend with our family and friends. Making different plans for different kinds of friends seems like a neverending hectic task. To take away this tension, we have brought to you Jadooz: A perfect package of entertainment. 

Jadooz provides you with multiple ways of spending your weekend fully. We have something for everyone from movies to food to gaming. Whatever you like we serve. 

  • For all the movie buffs:

There is no entertainment without movies. Jadooz provides you with blockbuster movies from various genres. Whether you are a fan of action films, rom-coms or thrillers. We have it all for you. We have curated an expensive library of films just for our movie enthusiasts. Step into our bouquet of blockbuster entertainment and make your weekend blockbuster.

  • Drain your brain in our gaming area

As we said earlier, we have everything for everyone, if you are not into movies, no worries, we also have games. Our collection of exciting games cater you with an experience you never had before. Jadooz provides a comfortable and perfect setting for an adventurous gaming session with your friends and family.

  • Food makes everything better

Be it movies or games or anything food makes everything better. We have delicious and delightful beverages to fulfill all your cravings. We have everything from chai to cooling shakes. 

Jadooz gives a jam packed experience of entertainment. We give everything you need on a weekend from movies, to games to food. Jadooz is your one stop solution every weekend.  We give you an extraordinary experience of all in one entertainment at one place.