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Why We Are Awesome

Embark on a franchise journey with Jadooz that offers you the opportunity to partner with a well-established brand.  Jasdooz has a vision to set-up close to 1250 – Entertainment Ka Adda,  consisting of Mini Theatres and Virtual Reality screens across 21 states of the country. 

As a prospective franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a brand that boasts a proven track record and holds a prominent position in delivering immersive cinematic experience, cafe culture and gaming under one roof.

Established Brand

Jadooz is an established brand in the entertainment industry. As a franchise, you can benefit from the recognition that comes with being a part of a recognized brand that helps you attract a steady stream of customers.

Diverse Entertainment Options

Capture the interest of a broad audience by providing a one-stop entertainment destination. You can maximize profit through multiple revenue streams within the franchise. 

Exclusive Territory

As a Jadooz franchisee, you will be granted an exclusive franchise in your town. Once you get the franchise of a town, you will be the solo player. Enjoy the advantage of having a designated market with limited competition.

Continuous Innovation

Benefit from our ongoing research and development efforts to introduce new and exciting entertainment experiences. Stay relevant and offer customers the latest entertainment options, ensuring repeat business and customer loyalty.

What You Can Expect 

The franchise opportunity offered by Jadooz sets itself apart from others in the entertainment industry. Our aim is to provide you with a clear understanding of what it entails to own and operate a Jadooz, entertainment Ka Adda in your own small town. Additionally, we would like to highlight the qualities we seek in potential franchise owners.

Investment Model

To successfully run Jadooz Franchise, it is important to note that while the initial financial commitment is relatively modest, ranging from Rs 40 Lac, it demands a comprehensive and hands-on dedication to owning and operating the business.

Owner of Entertainment Hub

As part of the quick-service entertainment industry, Jadooz franchisees should have a genuine passion for their work. They are expected to serve quality food with a strong emphasis on hospitality, all within a fast-paced environment. 

Complexity & Risk

Jadooz franchisees operate highly intricate businesses, assuming responsibility for every aspect of the cinema business. The level of success and return on investment can be upto 2 lacs a month but it is directly correlated to their diligence, business expertise, enthusiasm for serving customers, and effectiveness as leaders. 

Complexity & Risk

Jadooz provides comprehensive marketing and advertising support to all franchisees. Leverage on our brand’s marketing efforts to create awareness and drive footfall to your franchise location.